Thank You! And Congratulations…

You are officially one of the first Guardians to join our mission to conquer back the Amazon Rainforest! 

We truly appreciate your arrival! If we want to make an impact, we need every helping hand!

Right now, our most important mission as Guardians of the rainforest is the recruitment of further companions to join the fight. In the next couple of minutes, you will receive an email with further instructions. (As well as some Alpha only email subscribers know aboutđŸ‘€)

In the meantime, let’s start spreading the word by retweeting this Climate Guardians Tweet:

I just joined Climate Guardians - The first "Play To Preserve" game in which players team up to defend the Amazon rainforest - While making a real world impact! Few WL Spots are still available for playing their minigame! Play here: #Celo #BlockchainGaming #Whitelisting #NFTGame #ClimateChange

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