Climate Guardians

Play. Protect. Preserve.

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Climate Guardians - The First “Play-To-Preserve” Mobile Strategy Game Where Players Team Up To Fight Deforestation & Save the Amazon 

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Meanwhile you can check out our minigame.

The Invasion has started!

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Guardians Team 

Defend the rainforest against the

invaders in our minigame bellow. 👇

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game in development!


 How to play:

  1. Press start
  2. Use the W, S, A, and D to move the phoenix
  3. Use the space and alt buttons to fly up or down
  4. Click the left button on the mouse to shoot
  5. But be careful! Your ammo is limited to only 100 shots for 5 waves!


You've held the position long enough and prove yourself worthy to join the Climate Guardians gold pass whitelist! Click the button below and report to the tribal chiefs to be whitelisted!